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The Accuretic Lawsuit: Pfizer and Greenstone’s Contaminated Blood Pressure Meds

Accuretic Lawsuit: The Contaminated Blood Pressure Medication Recall by Pfizer and Greenstone

In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has faced increasing scrutiny for the quality and safety of their products. One such case is the Accuretic lawsuit, which has drawn attention to the potential dangers of contaminated blood pressure medications.

Pfizer and Greenstone, two renowned pharmaceutical companies, have found themselves at the center of this controversy. In this article, we delve into the details of the Accuretic lawsuit, exploring the recalled Pfizer blood pressure medications and the specifics of the Accuretic tablets, including the recalled lots.

Our aim is to educate readers about this pressing issue, ensuring they are aware of the potential risks and their rights in such cases.

Recalled Pfizer Blood Pressure Medications

In recent years, Pfizer and its subsidiary, Greenstone, have faced significant backlash due to the recall of blood pressure medications contaminated with potentially harmful substances. These recalls have raised concerns regarding the safety and quality control standards employed by these pharmaceutical giants.

Recalled lots highlight the seriousness of the issue

Pfizer’s recall of various blood pressure medications highlights the gravity of the situation. Medications such as Accuretic were found to be contaminated, risking the health and well-being of countless individuals.

This recall is a sobering reminder of the need for stringent quality control measures in the pharmaceutical industry.

Details of the Recalled Accuretic Medication

Among the various blood pressure medications recalled by Pfizer, Accuretic tablets have taken center stage. Developed by Pfizer and distributed under the Greenstone brand, the Accuretic medication contains the combination of quinapril HCl and hydrochlorothiazide, two common ingredients used to treat hypertension.

Accuretic tablets: The composition and purpose

Accuretic tablets have gained popularity due to their effectiveness in managing high blood pressure. The combination of quinapril HCl and hydrochlorothiazide helps regulate blood pressure levels by relaxing blood vessels and promoting the excretion of excess salt and fluid from the body.

This combination has given hope to many patients seeking improved cardiovascular health.

Recalled lots: Identifying potential problems

To ensure public safety, Pfizer and Greenstone initiated a recall of specific lots of Accuretic medication.

Each recalled lot is identified by a unique NDC Lot Number, which allows consumers and healthcare professionals to easily determine if they possess the affected medication. Additionally, the expiration dates and strengths of the recalled lots have been carefully documented to aid in the identification process.


By understanding the details surrounding the Accuretic lawsuit, individuals can become more informed about the dangers of contaminated blood pressure medications. Recalled medications, such as those distributed by Pfizer and Greenstone, serve as reminders that the pharmaceutical industry must prioritize quality control to protect the welfare of consumers.

It is essential that individuals remain vigilant, regularly consult their healthcare professionals, and stay up-to-date regarding potential recalls or risks associated with their prescribed medications. Together, we can strive for safer, more reliable medications that contribute to the well-being of patients worldwide.

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